Our Faithful Potter

If we do not guard our hearts, wanting a child can easily become an idol. Sometimes this happens very subtly, so subtly you don't even notice. When impatience, envy, or anxious thoughts are present, it's possible that the root cause is an idol that has entered the heart.

God is SO loving and merciful when we falter. He made us and He understands how frail we are...that we are merely dust (Psalm 103:14).
The LORD convicted me of many things this morning...he revealed idols in my heart and graciously brought the gift of repentance. I feel so renewed after spending time in His presence and making confession. How great is His wisdom and knowledge and His faithfulness to us! Like a father has compassion on His children, God has compassion on us and knows how to perform operations on our soul. But we must yield to the blade. It's sharp and it cuts. There is pain. But after the pain, we experience renewal, cleansing, refreshment, worship...

If you are struggling with impatience, envy, or anxious thoughts about something you want that isn't happening in your timing, confess your idols. Yield to your Potter and His faithful tools. Let Him turn your face around to look at Him instead. Find your peace and satisfaction in Him alone.


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