After Coronavirus Delay, Moving Forward with Adoption!

(Photo credit: Richard Bedey)

I really debated about whether to post this photo. Even though I really loved the shirt when I first saw it (and that's why I bought it), after we had the picture taken I realized the words "no bump, still pumped, adoption in progress" could subtly imply a lie that adoption is second best. I just want to loudly state that's a lie!
We are proceeding with adoption in faith that God is leading us in this path toward building our family! There are many ways that God leads in our lives and many different ways that families are formed. Before we started trying to have kids, we were both very drawn to adoption, but then we decided to try for biological children first. Then, as many of you know, I went through numerous crushing disappointments in that journey. But God has brought healing to my heart and given me peace as we pursue HIS plan for our lives. His plans are never second best!!! He does ALL things well!
Anyone who implies that adoption is second best or that those who can't conceive are lacking in faith does not know the greatness of our sovereign King!!! He sits enthroned above the earth. His purposes and plans will stand and we are called to surrender to HIM as He works out His will in our lives. I praise His name for the growth He has produced in me through this painful journey and the trial. He has never left my side. His presence comforts me.

Whatever you are struggling with today, rest assured that He sees you, He loves you, and He knows your need. You can come to Him and lay all your broken dreams at His feet. Yield to Him and He will transform your desires to align with His. 🙌❤️🙌


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