The Root of False Teaching Regarding Physical Healing

I recently published an article here on the topic of physical healing and, in particular, the teaching of Bethel Church that it is always God's will to heal. I see that hundreds of people are linking to my blog from that article so I wanted to write a couple of follow up posts on that topic. I already wrote one at this link here.

Another issue I want to address is that I have seen some people responding to that article and denying that Bethel Church actually teaches what I claimed they teach in my article. Please see the link that was included in that article and which I will also cite right here that explains Bill Johnson's teaching regarding physical healing. Please note: he is saying that we can be assured of physical healing because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. He is not alone in claiming this. Generally, whenever you see Bible teachers promising that God wants to heal you right now in this life, they often use this language describing the atonement: "purchased yo…

When the Miracle Doesn't Come

I wrote an article earlier this week that was published here. This article describes how I was impacted for a time by false teaching from Word of Faith theology. I was told to claim certain scriptures (out of context) to break the curse of infertility. I was instructed to "hold onto faith" like it was some kind of magical weapon to wield in my struggle to get what I wanted. Though I felt convicted about the method and could not wholeheartedly subscribe to it, I am now even more convinced that this method is totally unbiblical and dishonoring to our sovereign Lord. Essentially, operating like a works-based effort, Word of Faith theology seems like a defiant rebellion against God when we should be praying, as Jesus prayed, "Thy will be done." 

Does that mean I have given up praying for a miracle? No. But I am "petitioning," not "claiming," because there is absolutely no biblical basis for me to claim a miracle in my situation.

After rejecting this f…

Adoption Announcement!

After almost four years of battling infertility, including two surgeries, numerous medical appointments, tons of prayers and tears, we are excited to be moving forward in a joyful new direction this year as we pursue adoption! We are currently in the final phase of our home study for a domestic infant adoption. We are excited to see how our journey toward adoption will progress in this new year! We have been warned that the process toward a successful placement can be long and filled with ups and downs so we would appreciate your prayer as we navigate through this. The Lord has continued to be faithful to us in every way over the past year and we look forward to seeing how he will guide us in this next season. If you would like to follow along, you can subscribe to my blog where I hope to occasionally provide updates on our story.

Saying Goodbye to Mini-us

Dear Child I Will Never Know,

It's hard to fully grieve when I'm still holding out hope that I will one day get to meet you. But I know I need to have closure with you so my heart is fully open and ready to embrace a child that is very different from us in a way that is different than I had dreamed.

I never imagined that I would suffer so much grief over not getting to have you. I was never one of those girls who had names picked out for her children. Because of His calling on my life and my surrender to Him, I was never sure if God even had someone for me to marry at all, let alone whether I would ever experience the joy of having children. I often felt that His calling on my life was for singleness and chastity and this sense only increased as I reached my thirties and still hadn't met the right one. But I've always loved children, especially babies and toddlers. So after I married the wonderful man God brought into my life, I started to dream about having you. I tried…

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn?

(This article was originally published on a private blog for pastors' wives on February 25, 2019.)

My husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in January of this year. Our wedding day was one of the most glorious days in my life. Our dating and engagement months were filled with joyous anticipation as the Lord made a smooth path for our lives to come together. Everything seemed to be working out so beautifully. I felt an incredible sense of God’s favor and blessing and it felt like he was rewarding us with each other after we had each been waiting on him and faithfully serving him as singles for a long time. (I’m turning 40 in June.) My feelings were confirmed by other Christians who reinforced in me the idea that my marriage was a great blessing from God.
Currently, we are in a season of waiting to see how God will provide children for us. My trial with infertility has caused me to question many things, including my thinking about God’s blessings. If I really believe that God w…

Navigating the Pain of Infertility: Five Truths to Remember

This article was first published on December 11, 2018 on Premier Christianity's blog here.

Another negative pregnancy test.

After two and a half years of hoping and praying for a precious baby, I have lost count of how many tests I have taken. Sometimes I irrationally wonder to myself if I am taking them wrong. “Ok, this time make sure and time it for exactly 15 seconds. Maybe that’s the problem.” Cycle after cycle of hope is followed by disappointment that, after many months, turns into grief. I never thought of myself as a person with control issues until I encountered infertility. There’s almost nothing like it to make a Christian woman realise she is absolutely not in control and she must accept God’s plan for her life! Rather than accept his plan, however, I wrestled with the Lord for a long time. Recently, he has brought me to a place of incredible peace as I have finally been able to surrender this part of my life to him. I am able to maintain this peace as long as I am vigil…